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Content of this application ..... . Three Pages; -Pag / 1 .... current weather and weather forecast -Pag / 2 .... social applications and music player -Pag / 3 .... calendar events It also includes; - Direct access to the applications of the telephone, clock, a nice design and elegant animations What you need before use: 1 / Kustom Live Wallpaper Pro available here in Play Store 2 / A launcher like N.Launcher (supported by klwp Pro) In N. Launcher you must select three free screens, scroll, hide or show the notification bar, as you wish, Dock Off, Done !! 3 / Open the Klwp Pro application and select this elegant theme in the Menu / Installed tab 4 / Wait for this theme to load "depending on the type of phone it will take more or less" approximately one minute Ready!! Set this theme as the main wallpaper .Video Demo for the most common doubts of this application .... https: // Id = 0B-iM8_ofhhWWZEJRM2hZZnBuMzA ✔ If you have more questions, you can contact us by email at the bottom of this page in the Play Store

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