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iBiography - Educational, Motivational and Historical for Iphone. iBiography - The app with people who changed the world. iBiography is an educational, motivational & historical application, takes you on a journey with world’s most influential people. Biographies of philosophers, scientists, physicians, inventors, political leaders and artists are now available at your fingertips. You will find the description of their early lives, accomplishments, major events and selected quotes of people who made valuable contributions to society. Features: - 150 biographies of the most greatest and famous people of all times; - 1700+ events; - 3000+ quotes; - Display Events, Quotes, Birth and Death dates for each person; - Search person by name; - Post & share favorite quotes on Facebook & Twitter; - Share biography by email; - Designed for all iOS devices; - Clear design and easy-to-use interface. List of people: Abraham Lincoln; Adam Smith; Adolf Hitler; Akbar; Albert Einstein; Alessandro Volta; Alexander Fleming; Alexander Graham Bell; Alfred Nobel; Amelia Earhart; Anne Frank; Antoine Lavoisier; Bartolomeo Cristofori; Benjamin Franklin; Bertrand Russell; Bill Gates; Blaise Pascal; Bruce Lee; Charles Babbage; Charles Darwin; Charles Wheatstone; Charlie Chaplin; Che Guevara; Chris Gardner; Christopher Columbus; Dale Carnegie; Descartes; Desmond Tutu; Dmitri Mendeleev; Donald Trump; Edward Jenner; Edwin Hubble; Eleanor Roosevelt; Elizabeth I; Elizabeth Taylor; Elon Musk; Elvis Presley; Emily Dickinson; Enrico Fermi; Ferdinand Magellan; Fidel Castro; Florence Nightingale; Francis Bacon; Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Friederich Nietzsche; Galileo Galilei; Genghis Khan; Georg Hegel; George Soros; George Washington; George Westinghouse; Georges Lemaitre; Gordon Gould; Gregor Mendel; Guglielmo Marconi; Heinrich Hertz; Helen Keller; Henry Ford; Ibn Battuta; Immanuel Kant; Isaac Newton; Jack Kilby; James Clerk Maxwell; James Watt; Jane Goodall; Jesse Owens; Joan of Arc; Johann Sebastian Bach; Johannes Gutenberg; Johannes Kepler; John Dalton; John Fitzgerald Kennedy; John Lennon; John Locke; John Logie Baird; Joseph Stalin; Karl Benz; Karl Marx; Lady Gaga; Larry Page; Leo Tolstoy; Leonhard Euler; Louis Daguerre; Louis Pasteur; Luciano Pavaroti; Ludwig van Beethoven; Madonna; Mahatma Gandhi; Malcolm X; Mao Zedong; Marco Polo; Margaret Thatcher; Marie Curie; Marilyn Monroe; Mark Twain; Mark Zuckerberg; Martin Luther King; Mary Wollstonecraft; Max Planck; Michael Faraday; Michelangelo Buonarroti; Mihai Eminescu; Mother Teresa; Muhammad Ali; Napoleon Bonaparte; Neil Armstrong; Nelson Mandela; Nicolaus Copernicus; Niels Bohr; Nikola Tesla; Oliver Cromwell; Pablo Picasso; Pierre Omidyar; Princess Diana; Queen Isabella I; Richard Branson; Ronald Reagan; Rosa Parks; Rudolf Diesel; Samuel Colt; Sergey Brin; Sigmund Freud; Soichiro Honda; Sri Chinmoy; Stephen Hawking; Steve Jobs; Steven Spielberg; Thomas Edison; Thomas Jefferson; Thomas Savery; Tim Berners-Lee; Tom Paine; Tonny Robins; Vasco de Gama; Victor Hugo; Vincent Van Gogh; Vladimir Lenin; Voltaire; Walt Disney; Warren Buffett; Werner Heisenberg; William Blake; William Harvey; William Shakespeare; Winston Churchill; Yuri Gagarin.

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