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QuizzLand is an entertaining offline quiz with thousands of original questions and detailed answers. ★ Install QuizzLand, answer questions, read interesting explanations after each answer, get new knowledge! ★ QuizzLand is available offline. Answer questions even without the Internet on the plane, train or bus. Turn every minute into knowledge! ★ Earn coins for correct answers and use them to buy tips. Discover achievements and join the team of the best players. Invite your friends and get special rewards. !!! Before playing in offline mode, go to the app and make sure that the new levels are downloaded to the phone. Then turn off the Internet. Now the game is available in three languages: English, Spanish and Russian. We continue to translate QuizzLand into other languages ​​so that more people can learn without leaving their phones. ADVANTAGES • can be played without internet • questions on any topic • quick recovery of lives • a detailed explanation of the correct answer under each question • 3 difficulty levels • game for the whole family Only you and QuizzLand. There is no need to wait for the answers of other players! How to play: - Find a way out of the maze of questions to complete the level. Open each question card or use the “Show Logout” prompt. -In the maze, there is also a hint “Open Card”, which allows you to open any of the hidden questions, and the hint “Open All Card” will allow you to simultaneously open all the cards. -Get points (they are displayed as asterisks) for each question answered correctly. -Continue to play after you find a way out, and you will get even more points for each question that was answered correctly. Levels of difficulty questions: - All questions are divided by level of difficulty. The more you answer, the more difficult the questions become. The level of difficulty of the question is displayed in white tick marks under each question. The harder the question, the more points you get by answering correctly. Coins are the in-game currency of QuizzLand. Use coins to buy lives, tips and other useful options. -If you want to get more coins, you can buy them at QuizzLand. To enter the Store, click on the basket icon in the upper right corner of the screen. -Collect daily bonus coins, watch promotional videos or get coins in mini-games inside the maze. -Get coins for completing each level. In this case, the number of coins you receive depends on the number of questions answered correctly. Life: -Every time, responding incorrectly, you lose one life. The number of your lives is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. -The lives are restored in a few minutes, however, you can get them faster for coins. You can also restore your life by watching a video ad. Competition: Competition is a real-time competition that allows you to compete with other players for the title of best. -Now there are 3 types of competitions: daily, weekly and general. The best players receive an award for participating in any kind of competition. -You can follow the results of other players and your own progress (section "Competition" in the main menu). Mini-games: - Upon completion of the level, you can earn extra points in bonus mini-games for the development of memory and attention. -You can complete the mini-game at any time, but then your prize will be less! You can ask any question about the rules of the game or share your ideas with our team by email. mail

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