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Secret Messager Pro is a software which is designed to encrypt your messages before you send them. If you would like to send message online, then you should not worry on how you can prevent unauthorized access to the messages. There are some people out there who are eager to hack your messaging account and read the information you are trying to send. The program generates encryption images which hide your message before you can send. The send will have to receive the key generated upon message encryption before he or she can read your message. Secret Messages The feature allows you to encrypt messages before you can send them. There are different types of messages you send online using your internet enabled computer but you would like them to stay secure, the tool allows you to generate encrypted messages before you can send them. Secret Files It allows you to encrypt files with AES256 tool before you can send them. Before the files have been encrypted, you need to generate a secret key which can be used to decrypt them. The tool works in a straight forward way allowing you encrypt and decrypt files. Secret Images It allows you to hide messages in an image with a key. Before anybody can open the files or read the messages, he or she must use the secret key you will send to him.

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