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ElectroCalc PRO is a fast calculator for electrical and electronic projects. No ads.

Available calculations:

• Ohm's Law
• Resistor - Color Code
• Equivalent Resistance
• Voltage Divider

• Timer 555 - Monostable
• Timer 555 - Astable
• Zener Diode - Voltage Source
• LM317 - Voltage Source
• LM317 - Current Source
• LED - VDC Power Supply
• LED - VAC Power Supply
• Passive Filters - LPF e HPF
• Capacitive Reactance - XC
• Inductive Reactance - XL
• Inductor - Air Core
• Non-Inverting Amplifier
• PCB Trace

• Energy Consumption
• Power Triangle
• Active Power Units
• Flexible Cables - VAC
• Flexible Cables Diameter
• AC Motor - RPM
• AC Motor - Full Load

Instrumentation and Control
• 0..10V Sensor
• 0[4]..20mA Sensor
• Analog to Digital Converter
• Real Time
• Linear Interpolation
• Rule of 3

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