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UPDATE 2: This app is now free, due to personal reasons (no longer self-employed, having taking a full-time role, and don't want to fill out tax returns every year). Thank you to everybody that supported my by buying this app!

UPDATE 1: Now updated with content for the Farewell To Arms update!

Gungeon Tools is a useful app that helps you find synergies and track your curse and coolness levels in Dodge Roll Games' Enter the Gungeon.

When you get a gun or item, simply look it up in the app and add it to your run. It will keep track of which items you have, give you information about them, and tell you which synergies exist between them. It will also tell you which items to look out for in shops in order to get even better synergies. In addition to this it will keep track of both your curse and coolness levels; you can even log relevant actions (stealing, breaking mirrors, etc.) for increased accuracy.

It's a complete run management system for the Gungeon!


* Keep track of your run by adding guns and items as you get them
* Stats and information about items that you have is just one tap away
* Tells you which synergies you have
* Find out which items you should be on the lookout for in order to gain better synergies - never miss out on a powerful shop item again!
* Keep track of your curse level from items and actions
* Keep track of your coolness level
* Keep track of Ser Junkan's level and abilities, if you're lucky enough to encounter him!
* Look up stats and information about any guns, items, and synergies in the game

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial companion app for Enter the Gungeon. It is not associated, affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored or approved by Dodge Roll or Devolver Digital.

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