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This app has been developed in consultation with experienced surveyors in both Australia and the US and includes many of the common Coordinate Geometry (COGO) calculations needed for field work.

Functions include:

* Survey, using a point database
* Traverse / Radiation (2D and 3D)
* Inverse / Join (2D and 3D)
* Intersection by bearings
* Intersection by distances
* Intersection by bearing and distance
* Intersection of two lines
* Intersection of perpendicular lines
* Point Scale Factor
* Grid Convergence

In addition, the app also includes a bearing calculator, a units conversion tool, a polar to rectangular tool, and a general purpose calculator tool which includes the basic trig functions and a decimal degree to Deg/Min/Sec converter.

The app defaults to bearing entry and display in DD.MMSS format, but you can also select D/M/S or Decimal Degrees formats.

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