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* "Let's go to Japan 2.0" is coming out soon! *

The influence that Japanese culture exerts upon the world is present in many formats, including games, manga, podcasts, anime, music, movies, novels ... and the list just keeps growing! This is because it's also possible to find this influence in people, who have not only adopted items from its traditions, but have also adapted them to their own style, engaging a larger number of people and wakening more enthusiasts across the globe.
"Let's go to Japan" tries to be part of this contribution by presenting basic information about the country, social education of its people and what is said beyond the words in Japanese.

* This version has a cleaner interface with no ads *

Thought and designed to people who:

* Don't speak Japanese and would like to understand the mechanics of the language before traveling.

* Are curious about traditions and / or social practices (including what should be avoided).

* Would like to become familiar with useful expressions for a better social interaction with the Japanese people.

All this information is delivered to you:

- In English and Brazilian Portuguese.
- With the possibility to switch between 2 beautiful themes.
- With support for different screens sizes
- Through a smooth navigation and expressions with animated rendering.
- In several relevant categories and high quality audios. (more will be added in the future)

* The categories included in this version are: "In everyday life", "Numbers", "At airports", "At restaurants", "At convenience stores", "At hotels", "General information", "Personal questions" and " Refusing / Saying "No" "

* "Listening Comprehension" quiz with visual feedback for practicing what you learned.

* "Performance report"

* "Let's go to Japan" also makes use of "Personalized Notes" feature, which offers extra content about the sentences and / or their contexts.

* All notes may offer information regarding Japanese culture, but they vary among three different focuses :

* Vocabulary Note - This is where other possible words, writings and pronunciations are presented.

* Example Note - Given an explanation, it offers straightforward variations for a clearer understanding.

* Cultural Note - Reveals curiosities and different viewpoints of Japanese social behavior through what's been said.

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