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What does Mera Social Pro offer you?
* Soft, fast and simple user experience with the MeraPureUI 3.0 interface.

* MeraWeb offers the most up-to-date Opera webpage for you to experience the fastest and most secure web experience.

* Ad-free application experience (Does not apply to Sites.)

* MeraHyperBoost™ technology 5 times faster than normal mode.

* There are web applications of 29 social networking and entertainment sites.

* Up to 40 MB application size for low storage devices.

* In addition to the privacy mode, prevent 3rd party people from taking screenshots that are unaware of you.

* Save battery with OLED displays along with Amoled dark theme.

* With one-hand operation mode, you will experience difficulty with large-screen devices.

* With MeraShock, you can continue browsing by restarting browser data without splitting the place where you left off.

* MeraSound delivers true bass and 3D high-quality audio support up to 1000 watts.

* With the MeraResponsive infrastructure, a compatible interface is waiting for you regardless of the size of the phone or tablet.

* You can easily sign in with your synchronized passwords on Autofill supported devices.

* Allows downloading and downloading of files in various format types.

* With Deep link support, you can open Mera Social from other applications.

* When installing the downloaded apk files, Google Play Protect metadata is added and the security is moved to higher levels.

* With MeraProtect's code protection, the third party has been prevented from being organized.

* We offer support and optimization with continuous updates to ensure low power consumption.

* There is a Problem Wizard to let you know about crash failures in the application.

* Supported languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Korean, Indonesian, Hindi, Turkish, Thai, Portuguese, Filipino, Russian and Chinese.

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