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Help the little orphan sea animals. Up till now they had been living happily in the tropical oceans but a giant storm grabbed them and they unexpectidely found themselves in the icy sea. They are shivering, almost freezing among the ice floes. Help them out in their troubles and return them to their home in Hawaii.

Use your fingers to connect the animals of the same type and they get home. Each level poses a real challange, sometimes you would give it up before you can finish. But you will see that the extreme exciting puzzles and the happy laughter of the grateful creatures will make you feel it was worth your troubles.

More than 200 levels are awaiting you from easy to master difficulty. If there is a level that you can't beat at all you can move on after a few tries.
You can play anytime anywhere, even if you only have a minute or if you want to challange a friend for hours to see who collects more points on a level.

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