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Confidential lets you tag files with different levels of confidentiality with one click, and the tags are visible to the whole team, in Windows Explorer. This helps to protect your team, your company, your clients and yourself to be compliant to regulations and company policies. With Confidential, you’ll be able to tag files as confidential on disks, networks, and cloud services – in fact, you can even tag emails as confidential. If you try emailing a classified document outside of your company, the Outlook plug-in that comes with Confidential will warn you. Imagine benefiting from an automated solution that helps maintain compliance with legal regulations, contracts, and internal company policies. Additional features include the ability to create and manage user groups to easily restrict confidential files to specific departments and teams. Best of all, you can create rules based on file names and locations that empower you to tag an entire drive in minutes! Please note: the license is provided for one year.

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