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DodgeDot for Iphone. A new classic game is born... DodgeDot™ is truly a game for everybody. It's so simple to play, its basic rules can be described in less than a minute and many players learn the basics just by jumping in and discovering them by trial and error. It's a game that can be played at a gentle and relaxing pace and yet also provides plenty of challenges for players that want to develop their dexterity, playing strategy, and overall game skills for competition. The game is elegantly simple, yet infinitely rich: - Drag the moving colored dots to matching goals to score points - Clear all moving dots from field to advance to the next level - Avoid colliding with dots of different colors - Avoid contacting unmatched goals of different colors - Join dots of the same color to earn bonus points The nature of the game's dynamics are infinitely variable, with its dots moving in different directions and speeds, and with time and every player interaction affecting the subsequent dot movement patterns and point values. Unlike games which have fixed patterns which once understood do not change, DodgeDot™ is designed to have some aspects of learnable patterns (at the start of levels), but which are subtly affected as the player moves dots around during play. This mix of temporary patterns and dynamic complexity makes DodgeDot™ a unique game that rewards skill in both strategy and agility. DodgeDot™ is also a visually pleasing game of colors. Choose your favorite four-color schemes to play with, from a growing archive of palettes. Players who complete the super simple registration as players on the Jampaq Network (For free!) get lots of great additional features! - New Game Rounds with fresh starting patterns for Levels automatically start every Monday! - All Jampaq Network players have an opportunity to compete for fresh rankings every week! - Supports multi-tasking for iOS 4.0 devices. - Supports Apple's Game Center for high score leaderboard! - Built in leaderboard network where you can have your own profile, see rank listings for players, friend other players,etc. - Native resolution support for iPad. - This is a universal application, so buy it for iPhone/iPod Touch and you can also install it on your iPad! Now in the top 5% of paid Strategy apps for iOS. We've just surpassed 7 million DodgeDot games played by our community! While this game doesn't have any "angry" ,it does have seriously addicting and long lasting gameplay. Many of our players are still playing every week almost a year and a half later! "Soooooooo Addicting. Seems easy till it blows your mind and you throw your iPod/iPhone at the ground. Either way great game I simply can't stop playing. " "Excellent game. Entire family from 3 to 83 loves it" "DodgeDot - Fun iPhone game." (Mark Frauenfelder - founder) "It's so addictive so be warned as this is your one and only warning but it is so totally awsome and I love it so much that I can't take my eyes off the screen for hours cause of all the cool colours link in perfectly and the creators thought of NEARLY everything!" "Have no idea before playing this app. However after play it, I think it is one of the best simple puzzle game I ever play. Just drag and drop!" "This may be the winner on my list of 'Most addictive games for the iPad.' My daughter is addicted, I'm addicted and my mother is addicted! Love it, love it love it" "Deceivingly simple at first, and gets challenging pretty soon. Reminds me of Tetris." "Very addictive!!" "This is one of the top games I have downloaded!" Our players have also clocked close to 16+ years of continuous gameplay since our launch on iOS! *** FEATURED ON Apple's "WHAT'S HOT" LIST! *** DON'T FORGET TO JOIN THE JAMPAQ NETWORK! REGISTRATION'S FREE & SIMPLE IN-APP! UNLOCKS MORE FEATURES & MORE FUN!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Watch videos at:

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