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FarmAR is an exciting Augmented Reality Farm Experience, allowing you to create your own farm in the world around you.

Choose a cow, a sheep, a pig, a chicken, just to name a few. And there are not just farm animals in FarmAR, but a wide range of other animals to choose from. There are even more animal collections to choose from using in-app purchases.

You can even interact with the animals, including hearing their sounds, get them to perform movements like eating grass and you can even move them around the scene using the joystick control.

Why not place the animal into your bedroom, or out in the backyard, the classroom or even put them in front of landmarks around the world.

You can also be in the photo or video and then share with your family and friends.Your friends will think you're amazing when you show them there was an elephant in your backyard!

This App is designed not only to be fun but educational, allowing teachers to bring animals into the classroom to allow their students to be surrounded by them, to learn more about them.

You love the FarmAR App and your world will never be the same again once you try it.

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