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Guitar Fretter for Iphone. Guitar Fretter is a game about of memorizing the note positions on the guitar. Battle the attacking music-note-wearing Minions by matching their note to the guitar fretboard! The action gets intense as you solve each level, unlock all the strings, and earn bonus points for full-matched frets and strings! Choose from four types of guitars: standard 6 string electric, 7 string electric, 4 string bass, and 5 string bass. Save and Resume! +Saves your current session any way you exit the game. Guitar Chart mode! +Practice fret note positions for four types of guitars. Multiple Difficulties! +Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties! Ninja Mode! +The ultimate memory test mode: no hints! Battle Minions! +Timed Ninja Mode +New Instant match - match all notes/minions when you touch a matching fret. Instructional Comic! +6 instructional comics introduce the core gameplay

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