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"It is K Pop Girls Idol this time~!"
[Idol Evolution~~!!!!]
Genuine Idol collection/fusion/evolving game is here~!!!

Cast and fuse trainees that somehow looks like (?) popular real girl group members.
(They don’t look alike at all, but if you’re a true fan then who knows~~)
Evolves to an Idol of new level if you tap on them!
Train cute trainees in to a fabulous idols~!
Become the boss of a virtual entertainment management agency and evolve charming idols.

[How to Play]
1. Press “Casting” to acquire trainees.
2. If there are more than two identical trainees, try ‘tapping’ on them. They will evolve into a new trainee.
(Enjoy the new and simple fusion/evolving gaming method)
3. Every trainee has a gold production ability. They hop and automatically earn gold.
4. Earn gold through “Performance”. (There are 2 types of mini games to play~!)
5. The game becomes easy if you upgrade various items in “Manage” menu.

"Idol Evolution" is saves game data within the device only.
Be careful! All game related data will be lost if the game is deleted.

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