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The application allows the consultation of the Thesaurus, a completely new and unconventional dictionary that, given any word, rather than informing the reader about its meaning (or its meanings, if there are more than one), presents it with all the words that they have some relation to the voice they are consulting, specifying the meaning of this report:
the chosen voices, among the tens of thousands forming the lexical heritage of the Italian, or because of very wide use, statistically proven (it is the criterion most frequently used) or because they are considered essential from a historical-cultural point of view.
For each word we can explore a map that defines the meaning relations, the lexical linguistic relations, the words of the same family. Each map is accompanied by a concise definition, by words, expressions and idioms, by quotations. The maps are connected to each other with references, which allow you to navigate transversely or deepen a topic using infographics.
The search function allows you to directly access the maps or locate the words contained in the maps.

• Proposal of a map of the day to start navigation
• Quick search incremental by initial letter
• Navigation by list by initial letter
• Navigation between maps by swipe
• Adding maps to a list of favorites
• Storing the browsing history
• Infographics in-depth analysis

*** The application is available offline ***

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