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Although it was written before the "law of attraction" denomination was coined, all law of attraction practitioners consider "The Master Key System" a must read, as one of the clearest and most concise books on the subject.

Initially conceived as a weekly correspondence course, even if considered outside the "law of attraction" umbrella, "The Master Key System" is acclaimed as one of the most influential works on self growth ever written, and every reader interested in developing useful skills like visualization, problem solving and will power will find in it strong images and hints helpful for their particular life journey.

The book is integrated by 24 units, each composed of: 1) a short chapter with explanations on how a different aspect of the law of attraction operates, ending in a series of study questions to help the learner's retention, and then 2) a related exercise for the week that the readers are invited to practice once daily.

The lessons are all very short, with a language easy to follow, and can be read in no time, and the proposed exercises are mostly visualizations, which don't take long and are very simple and even pleasant to do, so they are useful as relaxation/meditation exercises too.

The course intends to develop in the student a successful state of mind, in consonance with the creating forces of the universe, to put the law of attraction to work to achieve any designated goal. Once learned, the technique can be applied to any area of one's life (financial, professional, health, relations...)

Another important skill the book shows is how to charge with faith and intention one's own actions, so that they become more effective in obtaining their desired result. This "emotional charge" is an essential ingredient to make the law of attraction work.

The book is written with the goal of getting to the point fast and being accessible to all audiences, had them already been in contact with this yet-to-be-called law of attraction or not.

This eBook edition contains the unabridged original text in a vertically scrolling format. Each chapter is presented as an independent item for easier access. The app also offers a biographical note about Charles F. Haanel. There is also an ad-free version available.

"The Master Key System" has a long record of success stories and acknowledgements that range from the time of its publishing to our days, which gives proof of its usefulness and relevance. If you have sometimes felt intrigued by the law of attraction, but been taken away by the lack a definite how-to guide on how to go about it, this book could be the missing piece you need...

For other free ebooks on the law of attraction, check also Datamix's "The Science of Getting Rich" and "It Works!".

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