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★ MosaLingua offers an effective method to learn English, improve your level and quickly speak English, even if you spend only a few minutes a day ★

Our app to learn English was designed on the basis of recognized scientific studies. And a teacher supervised our multilingual team.

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Thanks to our method, our English classes and vocabulary lessons, you progress according to your needs. You learn whatever your level and whatever your pace. With MosaLingua, you can focus on 20% of the required English vocabulary in 80% of cases (Pareto Law).

In just 2 months and 10 minutes of learning per day, you will know more than 600 phrases and keywords that will allow you to quickly communicate and make you understand.

Our application to learn English helps you to speak English to pass English Bac exams, ESL, FCE, IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC diplomas. It also gives you the knowledge and confidence to go on holiday in an English-speaking country or to go to Erasmus. This app can also be used if you want to learn and speak English with a corresponding English speaker, for all your linguistic or professional exchanges.


► 3000 words and phrases with good English pronunciation by natives
► 14 major categories, from English vocabulary basics to more advanced concepts (computing, tourism , purchase ...)
► +100 sub-categories: restaurant, sport, fun, love, purchase
► 10 levels: from the basics to the advanced level (TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS)
► Courses English and many tips
► 18 dialogues taken from situations encountered while traveling or in everyday life
► List of English irregular verbs
► +100 bonuses to be gained
► English dictionary en line
► The ability to add your own English words


MosaLingua offers a learning method based on the Spaced Repetition System, SRS or Spaced Repetition System. This method to learn English vocabulary allows you to: ► learn English effectively and sustainably. For each flash card, a revision schedule is automatically generated. ► focus on what you need. Do not waste time with useless English lessons or dictionaries
► MosaLingua adapts to your rhythm, your motivation, and your difficulties in remembering English vocabulary
► Our app uses auditory and visual memories < br> ► From the first English lessons, learn the most common English vocabulary to speak English, and improve your English pronunciation. ► Our App and Learning Method Boost Long-Term Memory


► No matter how much time you have, your learning adapts to your schedule ► ► Stop and resume your lessons at any time ► ► All your lessons, such as the English dictionary, are available offline


► Earn bonuses: tips, jokes, dialogues to speak English ...
► more quickly you memorize English words the more your learning becomes stimulant t
► measure your progress and gain motivation!
► reach your goals quickly: travel (England, USA ...), professional life, baccalaureate, Erasmus, exams (ESL, FCE, IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC), language exchange


For the displayed price, get an app that can be used for life (no subscription). All cited content is included in the app at no additional cost (in-app purchases are optional content).
The app is evolving! Free updates are scheduled regularly. Use the dedicated link or form on to send your suggestions.

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