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Many of you have suffered and tormented by the wild and annoying sounds of crazy neighbors who roll balls around the floor at night, turn on drills in the morning, and start repairs when you want to rest and have a good night's rest after a hard day.

And now the moment has come when they will feel themselves in your place! Yes - yes, it will be as merciless and cold-blooded as they did!

Connect your phone to any audio system and that's it. Now you have a real "machine" in your hands to create the most annoying sounds, which will make bad neighbors literally pray for mercy.

What will it be? The incessant sound of an alarm clock at 7:00 or a bowling ball at 3:00 - it's up to you!

This simulator of unpleasant sounds is a great way to arrange a prank, which your friends will surely appreciate. Also you can bring the phone to a column and kidding, playing sounds using the messenger WhatsApp, Vk, Telegram, Viber or any voice chat. The "Bad Neighbor" application is the TOP # 1 in the soundboard category, by which you can make your neighbor "enjoy" them all day long. This is an excellent meme, which contains almost all the most unpleasant and irritating sounds for neighbors. Also, a selection of wallpaper for your taste is provided.

In this application-soundboard you will find the following sounds:
dog's bark, cats meowing , creaking doors, sound of repair, stormy party, soccer ball, violin lesson, bowling game, alarm clock, baby crying, ping-pong, vacuum cleaner, stormy night, tap, running water, walking, steps, snoring, grig, pigeon, shower, rocking chair, radio interference, laundry, a crowd of dudes, laughter, vomiting, champagne eating.

It's the best app for your neighbors, especially if your neighbours from Hell.

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