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Same letters & rules for everyone, who will become a new Word Search Champion?

Our game is different, our game is totally fair! All the players are playing with the same letters! Challenge yourself! How many words will you create, will you be able to make it into TOP20 highscores? Compare you score with other people from all around the world and go for highscores!


✓ Choose a board of letters to play with. There will be shown 77 letters on the screen, the same letters for everyone playing the selected board. Slide your finger over the neighboring letters and create words with minimum of 3 letters. There will be shown words points in case that the word you created exists. Release your finger to submit your points! Try to get the best score possible.


✓ Each letter has its own points, longer words you create better score you get. There are also bonus letters on the board that multiply your word points (2x/3x). Bonuses also multiply each other! Example: a word "FUN" will contain 2x bonus and 3x bonus, in total it will be word points multiplied by 6, because 2*3 = 6. Clear the whole board for extra bonus points (2500).


✓ Visit an options section (a top left corner of the main menu) if you want to disable score submissions.
✓ Tap on the white bar at the top of the gameplay screen to change the background color.


✓ A fair word search game for all ages
✓ All the players play with the same letters
✓ Over 200 000 English words included
✓ 5 Boards to choose from
✓ Challenge people from all around the world
✓ No ads, No In-app purchases
✓ Submit and share your points
✓ More games your play, better overall score you get

We wish you a lot of fun with our word game Word Search Champion!

If you have any question regarding the game please contact us at or visit a game fan page on facebook here.

Thank you for choosing our games!


✓ Email:
✓ Facebook fan page: Word Search Champion.

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