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AutoStitch Twins Camera for Iphone. How to Create a Twin Photo of Yourself Easily? Automatically adjust the angle and distance, stitch two photos. We all love to show and share our photos to our family and friends. Since the advent of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Friendster and others, photo sharing has never been this easy. It has become the hallmark of social networking sites. However, don't just upload photos you took like everybody else is doing, be unique and creative, entertain your viewers as well by following this simple guide in creating a twin photo of yourself, one cool way that is sure to grab your friends' attention, score hits, flood comments and share a few more laughs in the process. The AutoStitch Twins Camera app support Gyroscape so you does not need to set-up and affix your iPhone in a stable position. Take left shot, cover blue box with red box, take right shot, automatic stitch. All in 20s. Features: Support equipment of the highest resolution (500/800MP); Support three-dimensional automatic positioning; Automatic alignment; 9 Effect Filters; Share with Facebook Twitter Email and more.

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