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Features: 1. Voice recording with high quality 2. Simple, convenient user interface. 3. Support operations for this release - High-quality recording. - File format: mp3, ogg, waw, flac, mp4, mp3, opus - Play, pause, stop the audio file. - Change storage and directory (default: storage / Audio recording) - Send / share your recording / audio editor. - Delete your entry from the app. - Save the recording file. - Live Audio Spectrum Analyzer - Coding with adjustable sampling frequency (8-48 kHz) - Background recording (even when the screen is off and playback / pause notification) - Microphone Gain Calibration Tool - Save / pause / resume / cancel control of the recording process - Easy to use list of entries - Send / share the recording by email, sms, mms, facebook, whatsapp, dropbox, etc. - does not support call recorder Additional features and details • Variable data rate from 32 to 320 kbps • Supports stereo and mono recordings. • Live Audio Spectrum Analyzer • Background recording, even when the screen is off • Customizable writable folder • Selectable sound source (microphone or bell)   Note. This application is not called a dedicated recorder and may not work correctly on some devices. • Built-in easy-to-use media player with volume control, as on a regular mp3-player • Send and share via email and other applications. • rename and erase your notes • Record as a ringtone, alarm clock or notification sound. • Open with option allows you to play and edit sounds in other applications. • Control recording and status bar player

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