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Get to know a new fairy-tale world where fantastic creatures live, and there is a constant struggle between castles, clans and three races.
Playing tower defense games, you can taste an amazing atmosphere of fantastic reality, filled with battles, magic, and victories.
The main task of the game character is their clan's castle defense and the opponent's castle wreck. A lot depends on the outcome of the battle: a victory improves the skills of a warrior, icreases your character's experience, and it becomes stronger. Castle crashers will win, and one of their awards are magical runes that will help in the fight against Evil that threatens the world.
Like all castle defense games, this strategy first gives you the opportunity to choose the side to fight for. But you can choose another clan during the game. Characters from different races and clans have different skills and abilities, but a victory boosts you character, makes it stronger. Upgrade your units and defend your castle.
If you like free tower defense games, you will fall in love with this game! For the castle siege to achieve its goal, you need to think about your tactics and strategy. In many ways, the outcome of the castle battle depends on the experience of the player, how they lead the battle, how they estimate the tactics of the opponent and use their weaknesses.
Castle games for free have an exciting fairy-tale atmosphere, the original characters, and don't have a linear plot. Like in all clan games, the strongest always wins. The result of the battle depends on many factors: character selection, its level, the selected strategy of the game.
Castle games are impossible without bonuses. During battles, the character finds chests with artifacts that help improve health and get new equipment.
Castles Battles is an interesting strategy game in the style of other tower defense games for free, but it has its own unique story and features.
What it has to offer:
Great game mechanics
A good balance of characters
The game is free
You will have real opponents in battles
The game runs only in online mode
A large selection of races and clans. You can change your choice at any time
A short time of one game

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