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Rating: 4.1/5

Superheroes Junior Premium offer you:
✅Unlock Venus superhero.
✅Free Frozen sword.
✅Free 100 diamonds.
✅Free 10.000 golds.
✅No interstitial ads.
Transforms into a superhero to battle the robot monsters. How to become a super hero? Become a warrior use sword and gun with supernatural powers to defeat all the monsters.
Feature of SuperHero Junior:

- Enjoy all the disciplines of street fighting with super hero, exciting hack & slash action RPG game.
- Side scrolling action with amazing cute characters very suitable for who like super hero cartoon.
- Classic strategy and role - playing game with main character is cute super heroes.
- Collect all of Super Heroes and save the world by using your favorite Super Heroes.
- Encounter the Monster Wave! Attack an endless wave of monsters, get friend’s soldiers and upgrade skill, army to pass levels.
- Team up with 10 friendly type: super robot, sniper, artillery … each friend is different and has unique power.
- Get power and use it to become Super Heroes! Unlock new gear and robot battles.
- Fight super-sized monsters with 90 levels and 8 boss stage battle. They are not weak but you have a lot of weapon is swords and guns for super hero.

Play SuperHero Junior every day of your life Superheroes because it is a game of free fight for fan of street fights and shooting of super heroes. So, what are you waiting for? Save the world with your Super Heroes Powers!

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