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Convoto - Best Unit & Currency Converter and Calculator for Iphone. Convoto lets you convert units and currencies in a way that is very easy and fast. There are many unit and currency converters but you don’t really enjoy using them. This is mostly because of intrusive ads, buttons, form fields and complex designs. Convoto, on the other hand, is very intuitive, lightweight and colorful conversion calculator. Furthermore, students, business people, travellers, cooks, and more genuinely appreciate Convoto’s user-friendly design and functionality. Features • One universal download for iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, iPod Touch, iPad, and iPad mini • Scroll and tap user experience • Great readability for all ages • Fun, fast and easy to use • Intuitive and colorful interface • Real time conversions in one screen • Automatic currency updates • Fully functional without the Internet • Classic color theme on/off • Quickly search units by code or unit name • Gorgeous and smart calculator • Favorite units for easy access Unit and Currency Conversion Categories Convoto can handle • Acceleration (m/s2, Gal, g, in/s2, km/s2, mi/s2) • Angle (°, g, rad, turn) • Area (mm2, m2, cm2, km2, mile2, yd2, in2, ft2, acre, a, ha, dm2, dam2, hm2, µm2) • Clothing (Children, women and men) • Cooking (Complete list of units for cooks and anyone who uses online recipes) • Currency (168 currencies with automatic updates) • Data (B, KB, MB, GB, TB, KiB, MiB, GiB, TiB, bit, Kbit, Mbit, Gbit) • Data Transfer Speed (b/s, B/s, B/min, B/hr, kb/s, kB/s, kB/min, kB/hr, Mb/s, MB/s, MB/min, MB/hr, Gb/s, GB/s, GB/min, GB/hr, Tb/s, TB/s, TB/min, TB/hr) • Density (gr/cm3, kg/m3, gr/l, oz/gal (U.S.), oz/gal (U.K.), lb/ft3) • Energy (C, J, kC, kWh, BTU, ert, kJ) • Flow Rate (l/s, l/min, l/hr, m3/s, m3/min, m3/hr, ft3/s, ft3/min, ft3/hr, gal/s, gal/min, gal/hr) • Force (N, dyn, pld, kp) • Frequency (Hz, Khz, Mhz, Ghz, rpm, rps, rad/min, rad/s) • Fuel (l/100km, l/100mil, gal/100mil (U.S.), gal/100mil (U.K.) • Illuminance (lx, lm/cm2, lm/m2, mcd, ph, nx) • Length (cm, m, mm, km, ft, mile, inch, yd, dm, cbl, nmi, ftm (U.S) • Metric Prefixes (y, z, a, f, p, n, (µ, mc), m, c, d, da, h, k, M, G, T, P, E, Z, Y) • Power (HP, W, kW, BTU/hr, BTU/s, CAL/s, kCAL/s) • Pressure (b, psf, psi, Pa, torr, atm, ftH2O) • Radioactivity (mrem, rem, mSv, µSv, Sv) • Temperature (C, F, K) • Time (hr, d, wk, m, yr, ns, µs, s, min) • Torque (Nm, Ncm, Nmm, kNm, dynm) • Typography (pt, Px(72), Px(96), Px(150), Px(3000), mm, cm, in, twip) • Velocity (km/hr, m/s, mile/hr, ft/s, kn, C, ma) • Volume (ml, l, mm3, cm3, m3, ft3, cu in, cu yd, gal (U.S.), gal (U.K.), qt, pt, cup, fl oz, tbsp, tsp) • Weight (kg, gm, lb, oz, mg, st, t, stone, LT, mcg) Note: Currency exchange rates are updated when online and stored for off-line use. We’d love to hear from you about Convoto. If you have any concerns, feedback, or questions email us at or connect with us on Twitter: @ConvotoApp

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