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Rating: 4.3/5

▶▶▶ VIP Benefit ◀◀◀
- 100 Magic Stones
- 300 Soul Stones
- Remove all ads (Ads without compensation)
- Same mercenary will be appeared if combine same two mercenaries

Free version :

▶Game Description◀
Shoot the composite heroes toward the monsters!
Exquisite combination of hero composition and brick breaking!
Nothing else is more fun than this!

▶Game Characteristics◀

● Amazing sense of hitting!
Knock down the monsters that are pouring like rain!
Powerful and amazing!

● The thrill of control!
Hero who flies in the direction I want!
Let's penetrate deep into the gap between monsters!

● Various characters!
It's not about nurturing only the best heroes!
Each hero has a unique stats and skills!

● Fun compositions!
I create the hero I'm gonna use on my own!
Heroes growing with easy compositions! Which hero this time?

● Strategic arrangement!
Find the perfect combination for the party!
My unique strategic arrangement that no one can copy!

●Special RPG
New style game Brick Breaker!!
I recommend a fresh experience.
Brick Breaker + Evolution !!

▶How to play◀

●Double-touch mercenaries! All mercenaries of the same level will be composed.
●Drag the mercenaries and add them to the blanks in the party.
●Aim the monster and tap! - tap and shoot
●Merge mercenaries now!

■■■■■ Recommended point ■■■■■

- Easy operation, hottest battle action!
- Fun game!
- Challenge Boss Battle!
- If you like Evolution RPG!
- If you like swipe!
- You like to grow party & hero!

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