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Riddle me 2019 is a game of riddles. It contains 5000 levels and each level contains a unique and tricky riddle. These 5000 tricky riddles can twist your brain while solving. It is a good word guessing game for kids, teens and adults. Parents can play this riddles game with their children because it is a perfect brain exercise. This game can be played at parties with friends.

Riddle me 2019 is very simple yet extremely addictive game with neat and clean user interface. You can choose any theme you like by tapping the little bulb on home screen.

Playing this game is quick and instant fun.

You can get coins by watching rewarded videos that you can use to get hints and solve riddles. These hints are 1) Remove letter. 2) Reveal letter. 3) Reveal word.

You can view all the solved riddles by tapping "Solved" on home screen.

Other than watching rewarded videos no internet is required. All 5000 riddles are completely offline.

If you are stuck at any riddle, you can also get help from your friend by clicking "Ask Friend".

- 5000 tricky riddles.

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